New 1-on-1 Experience

KAKEAI is a unique cloud service to support 1-on-1 meetings, which brings out true feelings from staff members, and provide effective meeting skills to every supervisor in the world.


We are the 1st Japanese company to be selected as one of the top 30 HRtech startups in the world, and have been recognized both domestically and internationally as the “next HR tech” and “work tech” that responds to the declining, diversifying, and fluidizing workforce and to support and strengthen management on the front lines, which continues to grow in importance.


Other companies of various industries and sizes throughout Japan also use our services.

  • Construction Company
  • Restaurant
  • Hospital
  • Amusement Park
  • Nursing Home
  • Tutoring School
  • Kindergarten Daycare
  • Start-Up Company
  • Manufacturing Company
  • Research Facility


New 1-on-1 Experience

KAKEAI is a unique cloud service to support 1-on-1 meetings, which brings out true feelings from staff members, and provide effective meeting skills to every supervisor in the world.

What KAKEAI resolves

  • I am not able to talk about my true feelings in the meeting
  • My manager always talk about only what they want. I am not able to initiate our conversation
  • Mental and physical burden is large. Reluctant to hold next meeting
  • It is always ad-hoc. No continuity.
  • My managers forget what I told them in the last meeting. I think it could affect our relationship
  • We had long time meetings but I think it was not efficient way to spend time
  • The meeting quality varies by managers (depending on supervisors’ skills)
  • It seems my supervisor does not know what to say to help me to improve my current situation
  • It is really challenging to continue having 1-on-1 meeitngs

What KAKEAI does

Pre-setting of “topics and expected responses”

Staffs are asked to do a very simple preliminary preparation before the 1-on-1 meeting. All you need to do is choose the “topic” you want to discuss and the “response” you expect from your manager (advice, thinking together, listening, opinions, etc.). This simple preparation creates a “staff member driven” 1-on-1 meeting without any pressures.

By selecting “topic,” I am comfortable to prepare for the meeting.

It is helpful to be able to communicate requests that are difficult to clearly express to your supervisor by simply selecting them.

It’s a simple preliminary task, but by imagining what we will discuss, I can have the initiative on the 1-on-1 meeting

Provide “tips” to manager in advance. Just by looking at them, both the quality and efficiency of 1-on-1 meetings will be greatly enhanced.

Display to the manager prior to the 1-on-1 meeting the “topics” the staff wants to discuss and the “response” manager is expected to give. This gives manager a big relief and helps preparing for the meeting, which will improve the quality of the meeting, and moreover Kakei will help the manager in preparing for the meeting by showing hints like “what is your strongness/weakness as a manager” and “tips from the managers all over the world”

I did not have to spend time exploring what the staff expects from me, and the meeting was much smoother

I am inspired by the tips of managers from other companies.

When I see “You arte good at it,” I feel confident. If I found, “You may not be good at it,” I always try to respond a little differently

“Calendar Integration,” “Built-in Video Calls”, and “Centralized Memo Management” functions greatly reduce the burden on managing 1-on-1 meetings

Features that only a dedicated 1-on-1 tool can provide, such as calendar integration, built-in video calling, centralized memo management, third-party sharing, handover, and management of commitments between two people, reduce the burden of 1-on-1 and support the retention of 1-on-1.

I know that 1 on 1 meetings are important, but the burden was high and demanding. But now I can continue because of Kakeai.

There are some features that will always be a problem if you try to do a good 1-on-1, but they are there. It is like that.

Kakeai reduced my work time for the 1 on 1 meetings by 1/10. I am so busy everyday and have many staff members, so it helps.

Visualization of “degree of neatness” and “themes of weakness” that encourages autonomous 1-on-1 improvement by supervisors while ensuring anonymity of subordinates.

“Based on the “”satisfaction level”” for each topic brought by staffs after the 1-on-1, KAKEAI’s algorithm informs supervisors of their strengths and weaknesses. This encourages autonomous improvement. Neither the supervisor, system administrator, nor anyone else can know who entered the “”degree of refreshingness”” and how.”

I realized gaps in feelings between myself and my staffs. It helps me to improve my daily management as well as the quality of 1 on 1 meetings.

I can score my ”satisfaction level” with my honest feeling without any worry

It gave me courage and confidence

Visualization of “satisfaction level” and “strongness and weakness by meeting topics” that autonomously improves managers’ 1on1 meeting skills while ensuring anonymity of staffs.

“Various graphs visualize the status of 1-on-1 meetings peformed in the entire organization, by department, satisfaction levels, trends in topics and expected responses from managers, topics and responses that are strong or weak, and the sense of growth of staffs. The system is also equipped with functions for promotion, such as a bulletin board for 1-on-1 announcements.”

It is not used for evaluation but for understanding the actual situation in the field “in order to support appropriately”.

Other Features

Extensive track record regardless of industry, type of work, or size

We have experience in a wide variety of jobs, industries, occupations, and sizes, including sales and planning positions, as well as research and technical positions, factories, and zoos.

Multiple patents for the technoligies to improve 1 on 1 meeting

Multiple patents that improve 1on1 produce optimal 1on1 meetings(Patent Nos. 6534179, 6602996, 6602997, 6651175, 6813219, 7057011, 7057029, 7084665)


KAKEAI is available in English. KAKEAI is used in New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai.


You can modify various functions in KAKEAI to meet the purpose and/or environment of your 1-on-1 meetings

Applicable to vertical, horizontal, and diagonal 1 on 1 meetings in the organization

Applicable to various types of 1 on 1 meeting (not limited to managers and staffs)

Easy to be integrated with various tools

It can be integrated with various existing systems such as Google, Outlook, Teams, Slack, and email.

Steps for Implementation

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  • 2
    Quotation (plan, number of users)
  • 3
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    User Registration
  • 5
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    Start to use