中間管理職と部下の“掛け違い”を無くすAI Cloud system「KAKEAI」を開発・提供する株式会社KAKEAI(本社:東京都港区 代表:本田英貴)は、脳科学に基づき、個人の“仕事におけるパフォーマンス発揮に関わる特性” を踏まえ、コミュニケーションについてのアドバイスを提供するアルゴリズム・方法において特許を取得しましたのでお知らせいたします。




概要)脳科学に基づき、個人の“仕事におけるパフォーマンス発揮に関わる特性” を明らかにし、その上で、2者間の特性の違いを踏まえ、コミュニケーションをするためのアドバイスを提供するアルゴリズム・方法

KAKEAI Announces New Patent for Its Technology Issued in Japan


AI Cloud System, “KAKEAI’, is a system that fills the gap in communication and management between managers and their fellow members. It is created based on the latest brain science and the unique nature of human behavior when it comes to performing to the the best of their capability. KAKEAI has received a patent for its original technology and will be giving out user advice regarding daily communication in the office following its original algorithm.


[Our Spirit]
A bad relationship with a superior has always been one of the top reasons for employee retirement. It is not surprising to anyone that the ability of superiors could be the direct cause of the changings in work performance, company profit and employee engagement scores.
However even though we all know that is true, and while we are already living in the world surrounded by technology, this reason for this problem has always been narrowed down to an individuals’ ability alone.
Especially in today’s Japan, due to Work Style Innovation, superiors have less time to communicate with their fellows and digitalization has continued to make real communication harder and harder. Ways of thinking differ vastly from generation to generation. Due to this, we are experiencing a massive communication crisis in the office.


[By using KAKEAI]
For example, a superior would usually think like this in the following situations.
“Mr.A looks like this kind of person, I should treat him this way, than the other way around.”
“He looks frustrated at work. I should cheer him up. This always works when people are frustrated at their job!”
“When I was young, my boss did this and that to make us happy. If I do that, I can make my fellows happy for sure!”
Those above are not always bad ideas but might not be the best ideas or might not work anymore for the people you are dealing with.

KAKEAI can make the world a place that you do not have to worry about the people you are working with and perform to one’s best without interruptions from bad communications.


[Patent Details]
Named as A computer system/program/method that provides advice for communication.
Patent Number:6534179
Patent Holder: KAKEAI
Overview: Reveals the nature of maximizing working performance for individuals by using brain science. Then identifies the difference between 2 parties and giving out advice for communication in-between.