2020.09.10 Thu
現場マネジャーのピープルマネジメントを支援するカケアイの機能のうち、まずはEntry Planとしてご提供している機能(下動画)について英語でご利用いただける状態にしました。
Entry Planは、1on1や育成に関するアドバイスやメッセージのやりとり等でご活用いただくもので、このような問題を解消します。
  • リモートワーク・テレワークも重なり、マネジャーもメンバーが求めていることを掴めずコミュニケーションがズレる…
  • 1on1を実施しても業務進捗管理に終始しがちで、先を見据えた大切なことが会話できない…
  • 顔を合わせることが少なく、少しの掛け違いがどんどん拡大しリカバリーしにくい。現場マネジャー自身が早めに行動をチューニングする必要があるのだが手がない…
  • マネジャーも孤独になりがちで、不安やメンバーへの不信がコミュニケーションの悪循環を招く…
  • いたるところで同じ様な失敗が繰り返されがち… それぞれのマネジャーが持っているマネジメントのコツやナレッジを企業全体で使える状態にしたいのだが…
◾️Background for the English Release
The business environment and the way of working are changing all over the world at the same time, and the importance of ” the frontline managers” continues to increase, not to be limited to the cases in Japan.
In response to this situation, we have been receiving a number of requests from major Japanese companies with overseas offices that want to use KAKEAI for their overseas offices at the same time.
In order to promote our mission, ” To create a society where no matter where and with whom people work around the world, each person’s life potential is never harmed,” we have decided to start off with English in order to enable users to use KAKEAI in foreign languages.
Each user can select their own language and time zone for their region.
◾️The scope of this English language support
The first of KAKEAI’s functions to support people management by frontline managers is now available in English as an Entry Plan (see video below).
The Entry Plan can be used for 1on1s, advice on development, and the exchange of messages to solve these problems below.
  • With the overlap of remote work and telework, managers are unable to grasp what their members are looking for and communication is off…
  • Even if you have a 1 on 1 meeting, it tends to be all about progress management, and it is difficult to talk about the important things that are important for the future…
  • As there is little face-to-face contact, slight misunderstandings can escalate and make it difficult to recover. The managers need to tune up their interactions with their peers as soon as possible, but there is no way to do it…
  • Managers tend to be lonely, and their anxiety and distrust of members leads to a vicious cycle of communication…
  • The same kind of mistakes tend to be made all over the place… We want to make sure that each manager’s management tips and knowledge are available to the entire company…
    … . etc…
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