2020.08.25 Tue
【申請の締め切り日】2020年9月30日 水曜日 17:00
<C類型の場合>補助金申請額:30万~450万未満 補助率:3/4以内
※12.75万円(Entry plan利用/正価91万円▶︎カケアイキャンペーン価格で51万円へ▶︎IT補助金利用で12.75万円へ)金額はいずれも税別
【About the “IT Implementation Subsidy 2020″】
The IT introduction subsidy supports small and medium-sized enterprises and small-scale businesses by subsidizing part of the costs of introducing IT tools tailored to the issues and needs of the company, thereby helping to improve business efficiency and increase sales.
In fiscal year 2020, a special quota (hereinafter referred to as “Type C”)was established to give priority to support the introduction of IT by businesses that are working on specific measures (e.g., the development of a teleworking environment) to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business environment and prevent the spread of the disease.
KAKEAI has been certified as a Type C company.
【KAKEAI Corporation will support you until your application is complete.】
If you wish to apply for this subsidy, KAKEAI will support you in preparing the application documents until your application is complete. Wondering if you are eligible? Please feel free to contact us for more information.
【Application Deadline】
Wednesday, September 30, 2020 17:00
The grant application period is scheduled to end in late December 2020, with a later deadline to be announced at any time.
【Subsidy Amount】
<In the case of Type C.>
Grant request amount:  300,000 – 4.5 million
Subsidy rate: within 3/4 of the total cost
Special Offer from KAKEAI
In order to provide more support KAKEAI decided to give a Special Offer for those who are considering new IT tools.Apply now, you can also get KAKEAI’s  promotional pricing.
You can get  86% off the full price.which means the total cost of the service is 127,500 yen for 10 manager accounts with an unlimited number of user accounts for 6 month.
Applying for this plan without the KAKEAI special offer, the full price KAKEAI is 910,000 yen.
When with KAKEAI special offer it becomes 510,000 yen and if IT subsidies could be applied, the price will be decreased to 127,500 yen.
(Taxes are not included.)*We have more plans with special offers if you happen to have more manager accounts in need.
See Press Release from HERE