CEO Honda’s episode has been published on Withnews (an online media ran by The Asahi Shimbun Company)
“I have always wanted a job that I actually FEEL and sure of that ‘I am making someone’s life better.'”
Holding a thought like this Honda chose Recruit as his very first career.
At age of 31, he became the head manager of HR department. Then unexpected misunderstandings and miscommunications with his own staffs forced him into a long break due to serious depression.
Thinking over and reflecting himself during and after the break, Honda came up with an idea, which later forms the service KAKEAI.

You can read more about the struggles and exciting stories on the journey of developing KAKEAI from this article below.

Personnel change is not a lottery and we have to change it.」an ex “bad” boss developed the best solution from his own mistake to support those who are struggling like he used to.

(The article is only written in Japanese.)