日本企業で初めて世界のHR techスタートアップ30社に選出。世界最大級のHR techイベント(10月・米国/ラスベガス)にて登壇決定!


KAKEAI became the very first Japanese startup to be ranked as one of the 30 best HR tech startups in the world.


We are proud to announce that KAKEAI has been chosen as one of the thirty best HRtech startups and is attending the “HR Technology Conference & Expo” in Las Vegas in October 2019. We will also be giving a pitch regarding our product KAKEAI during the HR Tech Pitchfest.


As the industry’s leading independent event for over twenty years, HR Tech features an unrivaled cutting-edge agenda for HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes.
As the world’s largest expo of its kind, thousands of products from over 450 vendors will be able to be viewed and examined, ranging from established market leaders to HR startups.

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