国会内で実施された「働き方改革 意見交換会」にお招きいただきました。

登壇中の本田(株式会社KAKEAI 代表取締役社長 兼 CEO)
Photo: Our CEO Honda giving his opinions during the discussion.

2月27日に国会内にて実施された「働き方改革 意見交換会」にお招きいただきました。

Been invited to a official discussion at the National Diet of Japan.


KAKEAI was invited to the discussion for “Working Style Innovation” at the National Diet of Japan on the 27th Febuary 2019. Our CEO, Honda, has given a speech at the discussion and discussed the significance of changing the working environment for employees and its impact on productivity.

We will keep pursuing our belief and continue to solve the problems that happen between managers and their fellow members surrounding miscommunication. We truly wish to make a world easier for individuals to perform at their best and will continue to make the world a better place through our HR products and technologies.