脳神経科学/岩手医科大学駒野教授 顧問就任のお知らせ。

脳神経科学専門で、現在、岩手医科大学 薬学部神経科学分野 教授である駒野宏人氏を顧問に迎えたことをお知らせいたします。
顧問:駒野宏人氏岩手医科大学 薬学部神経科学分野 教授

Announcement of New Advisor Dr. Komano


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Hiroto Komano, a Neuroscientist and Professor at Iwate Medical University, as our Brain Science Advisor.

About Dr. Hiroto Komano:
After graduating from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and experiencing life as a research associate in The University of Tokyo, Dr. Komano has worked as a Researcher at The Department of Medicine at Stanford University and University of Michigan and then served NCGS(National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology) as one of the managers.

He has been working on the research theme of molecular analysis to prevent
Alzheimer dementia.
Also a certified CPCC and the ACC Coach Official Japan NLP Coach for professionals and health, Dr. Komano has engaged in activities such as coaching people to find their purpose of life and motivation.

We will be getting Dr. Komano’s advice and fully utilize his knowledge to improve our product in order to accomplish our promise to make people, teams, companies, and society a better working and communicating environment.